Abstract rain, night, originally uploaded by A.p.K.
Glittering raindrops fall during an evening storm…dripping from the eaves steadily into the night.

I know, I seem obsessed with the weather lately.  Really, it is the irresistible interplay of water and light during this rainy season that captivates me completely.  The sheen of water across asphalt in the morning hours, the way puddles hold an after-storm sunset; it is a permanently transient subject, that just a breath of wind and a passing cloud can change entirely.  How can it not be satisfying to photograph?

Prints coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Abstract rain, night

  1. I love this, the contrasts, the raindrops… I like shooting raindrops, too, but in my case it has to be on plants because I have a point-and-shoot, if I try to use it to shoot glass, all I’ll get is lots of white light. So I love your picture even more :).

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