Taking the Long Shot

Taking the Long Shot, originally uploaded by A.p.K.

Photography has been a big part of my life for nearly 20 years now. My father’s love of photography became an important influence the day he thought I might be grown enough to be trusted with one of his many SLR cameras. He started me out on a Minolta SR-T series camera, and an endless supply of black and white film.

I quickly discovered that every possible subject was made more interesting through the viewfinder. Landscapes, family pets, flowers in the garden, shadows cast across textured ground – everything seemed to become poetry if shot with intent and care.

As I approach the age of 30, and finally embrace this “hobby” as something more substantial – a true love of my life, actually – I find that the subjects catching my attention are still widely varied and endlessly interesting. I have had professional opportunities to shoot weddings, baby portraits, vintage car races, even a pinup calendar. My camera travels with me most days, while I work at a day-job and run errands, just in case I come across a photogenic moment. I can’t even work in the garden without my macro gear in convenient reach.

There are still many styles and subjects that remain unexplored for me though, and I am working hard to learn something new with every project. I have decided not to advertise as a certain type of photographer, because I do not want to be limited by the kind of work I am able to find in this field, and I would rather the range of my portfolio speak for itself.

The projects I have in mind for the coming months are an enormous departure from my usual styles and subjects, and I hope to discover some new artistic avenues to explore. I look forward to sharing my discoveries with you too!

(This image is even more striking viewed large on black!)

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