salt-flat photoshoot

salt-flat photoshoot, originally uploaded by A.p.K.

If I said I planned this shot, at 80mph somewhere on the I-80 near Bonneville, would you believe me?

Best viewed large, with a magnifying glass. 😉

While returning from a working roadtrip to Salt Lake City, this line of human figures in the desolate landscape caught my eye.  At the time, I could not quite make out what they might have been doing out there, but when I got home and viewed this photo on my computer, it became apparent that I’d photographed a distant photoshoot.  The moral of this story is, if something catches your eye and you can safely hang out the passenger-side window while hurtling down the interstate highway to snap a few shots, do it!

Allison Kendall

Freelance fine art, travel and documentary photographer with 25+ years experience in film and digital photography. I am inspired by light every day and strive to create evocative, timeless images that convey the fleeting magic of the moment, capturing a powerful mood and message for clients and in my personal work.

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