Meditation on a Moment in the Desert

unexpected juxtoposition...

At it’s purest, from-the-hip and in-the-moment photography has the ability to capture those things that we might not have seen otherwise, often in a light that is so impermanent that it will eventually escape the film on which it has been temporarily trapped…

I used to shoot a lot of film, before digital came along and satisfied the very human craving for immediacy we so willingly give ourselves over to. I’ll periodically scoop a few rolls of shot film from a box in my closet, and take them into the lab for processing. I’ve reached a point in my film collection at which I really have no clue as to what is trapped inside each canister, and this image is one from a roll of black and white that must have been from a charmed and magical trip to the desert many years ago. From this roll and a few I’ve previously developed that were also shot on this trip, a series of surreal images have emerged, many of them offering unexpected illusions that can mostly be attributed to the angle of the sun in that moment at which the shutter release was pressed.

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Allison Kendall

Freelance fine art, travel and documentary photographer with 25+ years experience in film and digital photography. I am inspired by light every day and strive to create evocative, timeless images that convey the fleeting magic of the moment, capturing a powerful mood and message for clients and in my personal work.

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