phoenix rising

I have been a member of the Flickr community since early 2005, and over the years I have posted a wide range of personal and client work. This shot however, is by far the most-viewed image in my Flickr photostream: 8,246 views as of today.

While technically it is a fine photo, it was at the time merely a test of my new camera and the remote trigger capabilities. I have carried this phoenix tattoo on my back for over a decade, but because of the location I rarely get to see it, and thought that perhaps I could capture a suitable shot to enjoy and share. The popularity of this image is likely due to the popularity of tattoos, and the magic of a quick web search for visual inspiration that I suspect many tattoo aficionados like myself will explore before deciding on a design. It remains a very personal image to me, despite the enormous interest, and the ink itself still carries the deeper meaning I sought to capture when it was still fresh those many years ago.

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