Monterey Music Photography: Local talent, new sound

The local music scene in Monterey, California has been finding a new groove, led by a wide range of extremely talented musicians.  It has been a pleasure to experience these new musical acts in the past few months, and the opportunity to photograph their energetic live performances has been an added bonus.

Most of the live music and event venues in the Monterey region are relatively small, making the intimacy of the performances and music photography more accessible.  Some concerts have been challenging to photograph, but with such limitless musical passion brought to the stage by these talented performers, there are always powerful portraits to be found.

This set of images is from a recent show at the new Carmel Live venue, with the lovely Lillie Lemon and her fellow musicians.  It is always wonderful to hear the amazing results of these collaborations, and this performance revealed a new chapter in her musical evolution.

Find more music and event photography in the APK Photography archives, or follow APK Photography on Facebook to catch the latest Monterey music news and photographs.

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