State of Grace I & II

Sometimes the moment in which a photograph is captured becomes an unintended meditation. In this particular pair of images, there is for me the quiet memory of a small, soft, brown-feathered finch. I found her one morning in a patch of sun, beneath a window into which she’d flown, perhaps confused by the reflection of a pale desert sunrise. There was still a chill in the air, and her tiny body held no heat.

Some might think it morbid, but I chose to spend a few moments observing this tiny, fragile, exquisitely evolved form, and her wings in particular were captivating in the light. Appendages of grace, shaped to move through and with the air itself, I have no doubt that such feathers are some of the most elegant and miraculous structures one can observe in nature, so I shot a few photos before returning the tiny finch to the desert sand.

I have added these two images to a collection of square prints sized and priced for the casual art collector. These meditative, softly detailed feathers are available in sizes that start at $30 USD, with gallery canvas wrap and standout mounting options available.

I will periodically be adding new images to my Open Edition Square Series print collection in the months to come, so please check back for announcements or subscribe to this blog for updates.

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Allison Kendall

Freelance fine art, travel and documentary photographer with 25+ years experience in film and digital photography. I am inspired by light every day and strive to create evocative, timeless images that convey the fleeting magic of the moment, capturing a powerful mood and message for clients and in my personal work.

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