Aqua Ocean Water Abstract

At certain times of year the color of the ocean waves below the cliffs of Big Sur take on a vibrant, blue-green hue, laced with swirling white froth. I have seen this gorgeous color most often in the late summer, when the fog has given way to endless blue skies and the air is quiet and still in the warm sunshine.

Swirling aqua blue-green ocean water, viewed from the cliffs of Big Sur

I captured this particular image from a warm ridge in Big Sur, looking down into a cove of constantly moving waves. The otherworldly color churned from light to dark against the rocks below, and I could have watched the ocean all afternoon.

This beautiful moment of abstract blue ocean texture and movement is available as an art print in my archives, at

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Allison Kendall

Freelance fine art, travel and documentary photographer with 25+ years experience in film and digital photography. I am inspired by light every day and strive to create evocative, timeless images that convey the fleeting magic of the moment, capturing a powerful mood and message for clients and in my personal work.

3 thoughts on “Aqua Ocean Water Abstract”

  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful water abstracts. The images are very helpful för my drawing studies…to draw different kinds of water is namely a challenge. Sometimes the water seems to “freeze on the paper” without any intent. It is exciting to notice that we seem to have a similar eye on the theme…

    1. Thank you for your comment – your description of water freezing on paper resonates, as even in photography it is easy to lose the sense of movement that all water has. Drawing it sounds even more difficult!

      1. Thank you for dropping me a line, Allison. I guerss, we have to leave it (at least partially) to the imagination of the viewer. To show liquidity and dynamics as a photographer might be even more challenging in my view…because it is difficult to catch the right moment to take the picture. I suppose there is an element of incident…

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