phoenix rising

I have been a member of the Flickr community since early 2005, and over the years I have posted a wide range of personal and client work. This shot however, is by far the most-viewed image in my Flickr photostream: 8,246 views as of today. While technically it is a fine photo, it was atContinue reading “phoenix rising”

just another day in paradise

just another day in paradise, originally uploaded by A.p.K. Living in Monterey is pretty much like living inside a postcard. Every sunset has the potential to make the evening magical, as the lights of the squid-fishing boats come to life along a stormy horizon, and a few hardy souls brave the cold wind and wavesContinue reading “just another day in paradise”

Ravishing ranunculus

Ravishing ranunculus, originally uploaded by A.p.K. The colors that emerge in nature are sometimes so startlingly brilliant, it can be impossible to look away. These beauties grow in my garden, and their blended shades of fuchsia, scarlet, orange and gold rival even the most technicolor sunset skies. (as always, even more gorgeous viewed larger, onContinue reading “Ravishing ranunculus”

early lupine

early lupine, originally uploaded by A.p.K. Ethereal carpets of vivid indigo lupines are beginning to emerge on the hillsides and embankments here. These displays of spring color are always so brief…makes it all the more worthwhile to get down on hands-and-knees in the dirt to get this kind of shot!

weather, light

northern nevada, originally uploaded by A.p.K. Two of my favorite photographic ingredients – some fleeting condition like fast-moving clouds and rain, and the slanting rays of the sun. Even two images shot within seconds of each other can be remarkably different in tone and balance when captured under these conditions. This was a lucky shotContinue reading “weather, light”

…, originally uploaded by A.p.K. At it’s purest, from-the-hip and in-the-moment photography has the ability to capture those things that we might not have seen otherwise, often in a light that is so impermanent that it will eventually escape the film on which it has been temporarily trapped… I used to shoot a lot ofContinue reading “…”

salt-flat photoshoot

salt-flat photoshoot, originally uploaded by A.p.K. If I said I planned this shot, at 80mph somewhere on the I-80 near Bonneville, would you believe me? Best viewed large, with a magnifying glass. 😉 While returning from a working road-trip to Salt Lake City, this line of human figures in the desolate landscape caught my eye. Continue reading “salt-flat photoshoot”

scenes from the edge of a continent

because this landscape will always be a part of you, originally uploaded by A.p.K. (because this landscape will always be a part of you…) ‘Special’ isn’t the right word for Big Sur. There is magic in the mist, as the mountains descend to the sea, where crashing waves endlessly carve coves and cliffs. It feelsContinue reading “scenes from the edge of a continent”

rare weather

(7), originally uploaded by A.p.K. On the coast of Central California, snow is an unusual occurrence. In the 8+ years that I have lived here, I have seen it happen only twice, and we’re forecast for another round this coming weekend. If it snows on the beach, you can bet I’ll be out there, shiveringContinue reading “rare weather”

Saturday morning study

Saturday morning study, originally uploaded by A.p.K. A small handful of fresh homegrown blueberries rest in a shallow white dish, wet with rain. — — — We planted two blueberry bushes in our yard this past winter, and already they are covered in berries. Sweet and plump with recent rain, it is going to beContinue reading “Saturday morning study”