Liquid Light

While on a walk through the coastal forest of Mendocino County in California, I came upon a quietly running clear stream. Sunlight filtered through the trees above, illuminating the rippling water as it passed over smooth, multicoloured stones, creating ribbons of light across the shadowy stream-bed. I only shot two frames of this spot, closeContinue reading “Liquid Light”

Back to the basics

I was recently challenged to a ‘7 Days, 7 Black & White Photos’ exercise on social media. My path in photography started with black and white film, yet now it is usually an afterthought and simply a processing choice in the digital darkroom. Shooting with black and white in mind is always a welcome returnContinue reading “Back to the basics”

phoenix rising

I have been a member of the Flickr community since early 2005, and over the years I have posted a wide range of personal and client work. This shot however, is by far the most-viewed image in my Flickr photostream: 8,246 views as of today. While technically it is a fine photo, it was atContinue reading “phoenix rising”

Crossing, studies 1 & 2

“Good composition is like a suspension bridge – each line adds strength and takes none away.” – Robert Henri, (25 June 1865 – 12 July 1929)

one structure can take many forms

Working through my archives, I recently spent some time processing a handful of architectural shots from a trip to San Francisco last year. These two images were shot on the same day, and depict different angles on the same windows and balconies of one building. This image intrigued me, with looming rows of railings, theContinue reading “one structure can take many forms”

water + light

Feels a bit like time is slipping through my fingers lately – having completely rebuilt my archives of 30,000+ images, I’ve admittedly needed a little break from the digital darkroom and the endless queue of shots still waiting to be processed. An escape to the edge of the world, where dunes and sand melt awayContinue reading “water + light”

where land meets sea

(1), originally uploaded by A.p.K. I always find it remarkable how just the right cast of light across two different surfaces can reveal how deeply related both might be to each other. In this case, the texture of lapping waves during an outgoing evening tide are mirrored in the ripples of damp sand along theContinue reading “where land meets sea”

…, originally uploaded by A.p.K. At it’s purest, from-the-hip and in-the-moment photography has the ability to capture those things that we might not have seen otherwise, often in a light that is so impermanent that it will eventually escape the film on which it has been temporarily trapped… I used to shoot a lot ofContinue reading “…”