Back to the basics

I was recently challenged to a ‘7 Days, 7 Black & White Photos’ exercise on social media. My path in photography started with black and white film, yet now it is usually an afterthought and simply a processing choice in the digital darkroom.

Shooting with black and white in mind is always a welcome return to the fundamentals of light, shadow, and composition. These particular images were captured with my phone, so the resolution is limited. The rules were basic: images of everyday life, no people, no explanations or captions.

I may experiment with printing a few of these, and returning to capture similar photos with the full resolution of the DSLR. More importantly, I am going to try to seek out more black and white photos as I shoot; creatively, such photography focuses my intent and prompts me to see the familiar with fresh eyes, which always provides a boost to other aspects of my life.